The Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery was opened in the summer of 1985 by Judith Duryea, who still owns and runs the store today.  Back then, there were no options for buying organic, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, chemical free food, and Jude thought Butte might need that…..someday.

Early days were slow going, but eventually the Dancing Rainbow found its stride.  Rather than thinking the vegetarian, meditating owner was a freak, Butte came to think, thanks to local doctors who were now recommending supplements like B12 and vitamin D, that perhaps they could come into a natural foods store and emerge without being brainwashed or converted to vegetarianism.  We’re glad we persevered.  Our “alternative” lifestyle has now become pretty mainstream, and our customers are glad they have a local resource for their natural health needs.

Although the Dancing Rainbow has not moved from its modest home of 22 years, inventory has quadrupled at least.  While we stock a large variety of foods, herbs, supplements, body care items, natural and “green” gifts, and information, we are committed to ordering whatever a customer wants if it‘s not on our shelves, and if we can get it.

Our business survives and thrives because of our customers, and we pride ourselves on superior and helpful customer service.  Please let us serve you.

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