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Jude Duryea is the owner of the Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery in Butte, Montana.

Nature’s Medicine Chest: Elderberry

The subject of this article has appeared in this column a few times in the past ten years, but its importance never seems to get old.  Especially now, in this stressful holiday season, our immune systems may be compromised so it’s the perfect scenario to come down with the flu.  If you aren’t up to […]

Gout Remedies

Apologies to my readers for repeating column subjects, but when six people in one week come in for remedies for the same affliction, it might be time to talk about it again.  Gout.  Chronic pain.  Recurrent flare-ups.  If you’ve ever had an attack of gout, you never want to have another one. While millions of […]

Dealing with Holiday Stress

The holidays are a challenging time of year.  We want to be joyful; it is the season of light, of gift giving, of receiving loving thoughts, of good food and good friends.  Yet it can also be a time of melancholy, stress, financial anxiety, and emptiness.  We all want to “get into the spirit”, but […]